See you again 3-4 Sept. 2019 in Malmö, Sweden

We would like to express thanks to each of you who participated in the Conference in Malmö. Over 80 persons from 10 countries gave their time and resources to attend and to contribute. You made our first RE-Scandinavia Conference a success and it was a great pleasure to see so many of you there!

Hopefully you enjoyed both the program and the personal meetings and that you used the opportunity to extend your existing networks.

We would like to give special thanks to the Speakers of the conference and to our partners.

A meeting point for potential buyers and sellers of renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Renewable energy such as wind power and solar power are becoming the most affordable technologies for power generating technologies in many markets. That increases the need for fully market-based solutions to finance and deploy projects. Corporate renewable energy PPAs are attracting much attention – politically and among renewable energy investors.

The event will gather potential buyers and sellers of renewable energy. It will provide insights into the emerging market for renewable energy PPAs, while seeking to identify the needs and possibilities on both sides of the deal.

What is PPA?

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a bilateral long-term contract under which a business agrees to purchase electricity directly from an energy generator.

For whom?

For the supplier of electricity Corporate PPA’s provide long-term revenue stability and cashflow certainty, which improves bankability and, thus, reduces cost of capital.
The off taker of long term renewable energy contracts gain an easily identifiable supply of renewable energy to offset consumption, while mitigating fuel and electricity price risk.

Why attend?

The conference will offer inspiring and instructive presentations. We will discuss how to structure successful power purchase agreements, which will give you clear explanations of models and risk allocation. Learn how some of the largest deals have been structured from the dealmakers themselves. Take part of knowledge sharing and networking, and not least matchmaking for new business opportunities.

Welcome to Malmö. We look forward to seeing you!



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